News Releases

LINCOLN, NE – High property taxes on agricultural land is only a symptom of a much larger problem with inequity in the way Nebraska funds schools, and while band aid approaches to addressing high property taxes is a starting point, structural change is needed to address inequity in education funding. That’s the message Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson delivered to state legislators during a key Nov. 12 hearing on taxes and school funding.

LINCOLN, NEB., – “We are pleased that a deal was reached to reinstate the $3 billion in cuts to crop insurance that Congressional leaders had sought in a budget agreement with the White House.”

LINCOLN, NEB., – “It is our hope that those who consume meat products produced by Nebraska’s farm and ranch families will take the time and effort to look beyond the simplistic headlines surrounding the World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement, assessing cancer and the consumption of red meat and processed meat.”

LINCOLN, NE – Nebraska Farm Bureau has announced the four student members that have been selected to receive a Nebraska Farm Bureau Student Mini-Grant which will help provide additional funding for their FFA or 4-H project. Those selected were Alex Stocker, Merrick County Farm Bureau; Evan Palmer, Buffalo County Farm Bureau; Kylee Plager, Lancaster County Farm Bureau; and Shay Miller, Madison County Farm Bureau.

LINCOLN, NE – With harvest in full swing, Nebraska Farm Bureau is reminding farmers of recent changes in the state law regarding what they need to do to protect their interests when selling or storing grain, in the event of financial failure by a grain dealer or grain warehouse.

LINCOLN, NE – The Nebraska Farm Bureau congratulates Burt County Farm Bureau member Kurtis Charling for being selected as a semi-finalist in the 2016 American Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge.