LINCOLN, NEB. – “Today is a good day for Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers, for agriculture, and for all Americans. A country that can feed itself, is a country that is free. Since 1933, America has been passing farm bills knowing that food security is national security. The 2018 Farm Bill is no exception. This bill will help provide certainty to farmers and ranchers in navigating the challenges of today’s agriculture as they work to produce food for our country and the world.”

“This farm bill protects crop insurance programs and makes needed adjustments to commodity programs critical to managing risk associated with uncertainties of weather and markets. It improves federal conservation programs that aid farmers and ranchers in managing land and water resources. It delivers funding for trade promotion programs critical to improving access to markets outside the U.S. It also secures resources to expand broadband access in rural America allowing for the utilization of new technologies important to food production and environmental protection. Finally, it grants permanent funding for an expanded livestock vaccine bank to ensure America is prepared for the worst in the event of a catastrophic livestock disease occurrence. These elements are all critical to protecting our nation’s food security.”

“We thank President Trump for signing this bill into law, as well as the members of the U.S. House and Senate who helped craft it. We especially want to thank Sen. Deb Fischer, Sen. Ben Sasse, Congressman Fortenberry, Congressman Bacon, and Congressman Smith for their support and efforts to secure passage of this critical legislation.”  

The Nebraska Farm Bureau is a grassroots, state-wide organization dedicated to supporting farm and ranch families and working for the benefit of all Nebraskans through a wide variety of educational, service and advocacy efforts. More than 61,000 families across Nebraska are Farm Bureau members, working together to achieve rural and urban prosperity as agriculture is a key fuel to Nebraska’s economy. For more information about Nebraska Farm Bureau and agriculture, visit