Nebraska lawmakers will return to Lincoln to kick-off the 2019 legislative session, Wednesday, Jan. 9. This year marks the first session of the 106th Legislature, meaning lawmakers will work through a 90-day session slated to end the first week of June.

Nebraska Farm Bureau president Steve Nelson attended an event Dec. 11 at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters in Washington, D.C. to witness the signing of the proposed Clean Water Rule.

By: Michael Nepveux, AFBF economist

California voters earlier this month approved proposition 12, a ballot measure mandating the dates by which all eggs sold in the state come from chickens living in cage-free production systems. A previously passed related measure took effect in 2015, but lacked specificity around the cage-size requirements and only applied to eggs produced within the state of California.

In his annual address at the Nebraska Farm Bureau Annual Meeting and Convention, Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson told more than 350 farmers and ranchers from across the state that progress is being made in efforts to address the state’s overreliance on property taxes, a situation that has led to Nebraska being one of the highest property tax states in the nation.