Farmers and ranchers are leading the way in climate-smart practices that reduce emissions, enrich the soil and protect our water and air, all while producing more food, fiber, and renewable fuel than ever before. U.S. agriculture contributes just 10% to overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, far less than other major industries, and plays an active role in enhancing wildlife and absorbing carbon. At Farm Bureau, we are proud of agriculture’s sustainability story, and we believe the future of agriculture is bright as we work together to further climate-smart solutions that protect our resources, farms, and communities.


Say NO to Biden 30x30 Climate Order!

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The executive order (EO) signed by President Biden in the early days of his presidency, charged the Department of the Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, and the Chair of the Council of Environmental Quality to conserve at least 30 percent of land and water by the year 2030 (30x30). Unfortunately, President Biden presented few details on how this goal would be achieved. It is unclear whether this idea would require the acquisition of new federal land, ask more private land to be enrolled in Title II Farm Bill programs, only apply to existing federal lands, etc.

If it is the intent of the Biden administration to push for more federal control over private property, Nebraska Farm Bureau is ready to push back.

Please send an e-mail to President Biden asking for clarity on “30x30” and let him know that federal control over private property will not be accepted.


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